Hi. My name's Sophie and I love paper. 

My life is full of notebooks and writing paper, note cards, postcards, and pretty envelopes. I felt like I didn't have enough of these things in my life, so I started learning how to make more all for myself. But my love of using these things can't keep up with my love of crafting them, so I've decided to share my creations with the world. This is an experimental journey for me, so 2020 will be full of lots of trial and error to find out what works for me and the people that like what I make. These experiments will likely include etsy, social media local craft fairs and maybe a few sales further afield. 

As well as crafting, I really enjoy writing letters and I hope to revive my letter writing blog as a part of this new site. 

Hopefully there will be lots of new updates to come, and if you have any questions or requests then feel free to drop me a line. 



February 2020

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