Fast Forward

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Look at these beauties!

Fast forward a few months as I disappeared there. Life has been very... well, just very. I'm busy getting back on top of things now, especially creative things as these can be so important at times of stress and worry and pain.

The first step in getting up together here has been registering the Postcrossing cards I'd received and not recorded. They've all been photographed, uploaded to the site and apologies sent to the senders.

The picture is all the ones I'd received and not registered. They are all so varied in style and subject, both the picture side and what has been written on them. It's really interesting the different approaches that people take to writing to strangers. Some are very brief, more a hi and bye affair, while others talk about their lives, their town, their jobs...

I can't wait to get sending some more of my own out.


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