It's National Letter Writing Month

This is the first time I have participated in National Letter Writing Month. I think it's the first year I've known about it. Granted it's only day one, but I'm already in love. I started the day by penning a letter to a friend I've not seen in a while, then followed it up with five postcards.

Five postcards? I hear you say. Yes, five postcards. Through Write_On (the folks behind National Letter Writing Month), I have discovered Postcrossing. The Idea behind Postcrossing is to send and receive postcards from people all over the world. Once you sign up, the site will provide you with people to send postcards too. You can have up to five postcards travelling out at once (you can send more once those sent have been received) so naturally I decided to send all five straight away. My first five postcards will be winging their ways to Germany, Russia, Taiwan, China and the USA. I was worried it might be hard to think of things to write, but most people on the site write a little about themselves and their interests and it's been surprisingly easy to find common ground. Plus, a postcard does not provide a huge expanse of space to fill with writing.

Not bad for a Monday morning, eh?

Of course, a sensible person would have saved some of those postcards to send on other days through this month of letter writing, but I'm sure I'll find people to write to for the other 29 days. I think the hardest part of the whole month will be finding people's addresses. In this age of email and Whatsapp we don't often deal in people's postal addresses.

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